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Transvestite / Shemale and don't let the name fool you. I only play the Bimbo. And yes, I'm down with the devil, in a symbolic way ( I'm actually atheist), I'm not a member of the COS so I don't identify myself as a satanist. But I do post subject matter concerning satanism, paganism, witchcraft and yes I do post porn as well women and other gender benders as myself. I also post nature, wildlife, landscapes, domestic animals. So this is not just a porn blog, I post whatever tickles my fancy. I'm also like taking pictures, and I have another blog which I post those pictures and often post them on this blog, as well. I live out here in Southern California. Been living in SC since 1978, I'm originally from New York City. So thanks for stoppipng by, hope you enjoy my blog and decide to follow me.
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