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Tufted Nethers is an image site dedicated to the beauty of a tufted mons.
In addition to sharing discoveries from all over the web, submissions are welcomed, too. Just make sure the images you submit fit the Tufted Nethers style.
We also feature follower submissions on Tufted Tuesday. It's our way of letting our tufted followers celebrate the glory of a tufted muff along with us. Click on "Submit" from the menu at the top of the page to share images of your tuft. Or forward them via email to tuftednethers@gmail.com. Please do not submit images found elsewhere on the Internet. We're only interested in submissions from the owner of the tuft or a friend of the owner of the tuft for Tufted Tuesday.
There is something daring about sharing a part of your essence for the world to see, and it remains completely anonymous when you choose to show only your tuft. Give it a go. We'll be glad you did, and you'll get a thrill, too.
Images posted on this site are images found posted on the internet and/or images submitted to this blog by others. Images used from other site(s) are done so under the provisions of sections 17 U.S.C. § 106 and 17 U.S.C. § 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work and are not used in a for profit manner. If you are the copyright holder of an image posted here, or you are the person depicted in the image, please let us know and we will remove the image immediately.
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