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Who is who in the game of beauty and how your genitalia measures up to the most feminine, most beautiful vaginas in the world. The essence of womanhood resides in beauty of form, function and size. The more symmetrical, the more even, with perfect dimensions and color will create and give way to beautiful female sex organs. To the contrast, the more asymmetrical, uneven with large dimensions and uneven color tone will give way to the ugliest of female sex organs. In our society, beauty in the female form clearly matters. Most certainly having genitalia that achieve a degree of beauty matters a lot to every single woman. To sum it up, it matters to every single woman on Earth and even men. How many women have looked at their genitals and wished that they were better looking, tighter and tidier? So at hand, is a question, does labia size matter? The answer is always yes! Size of the human female sex organ does matter to women themselves and to men. It is a question of proving stimulation (visual and physical) during any sexual activity. As well as functioning for reproductive purposes too, there is a fine balance between what works and what does not. We must not forget that perfect dimensions lead to pretty sex organs and all other dimensions lead to odd or dysfunctional sex organs. This blog explores only the most genetically superior vaginas and discusses why they are better in many ways including tightness and hygene. The importance of beauty in our society is something that all women need to contend with during their life. All women want to be pretty in one way or another and there are no exceptions to this rule. Women all over the world wish they had a perfect slender body and perky petite silhouette. We all know that youth and beauty generate a form of attraction. Female genitalia are the final frontier to explore the perception of beauty. As female genitals become more publicized and as men and women start expressing their desires more openly. Many women will feel insecure that they do not measure up in their most intimate of body parts. Throughout centuries, women have been adorning their vaginas as the means to make them more attractive. All women want to have that perfect “pussy” as one would say,that is idealistic and perfect. Modern approaches make this possible to achieve for women who have less than desirable genitalia. It is also a boost of self-esteem and confidence, as women with pretty genitals tend to be happier and more outgoing than who perceive their genitalia less than attractive. As size matters, smaller, tighter vaginas are hot commodities, worth their weight in gold, as men would state. While loose and big vaginas are a dime a dozen, “smaller is better” when it comes to the beauty of female genitalia. Very seldom do we hear in public men’s preference towards a woman’s genitalia and its aesthetics do to censorship and taboo’s. Usually men’s comments go censored through fears that it might make women feel insecure about their most intimate body part. However, hiding and censoring what the other half prefers, it offers not help for women, as they do not know how they should look down there for their partner. This blog is for people to not be afraid to share their opinions on the matter of how a vagina looks aesthetically and what they prefer. You can anonymously make posts on this blog.
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