Pegging Palace

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11/14/2013 - Updated my avatar to "Special Delivery Girl". Hope she's well received! This is a blog for those who enjoy pegging, but I also post material that I just find interesting or amusing (or both). I just love the sight of a hot woman fucking some guy with her great big girl-cock! This is a NSFW place to enjoy various strap-on pics and vids. All content is stuff available on the internet and remains the property of the original poster. If you find something that belongs to you and want it removed, shoot me an email and I will do so promptly. Content is intended for those over the age of 18 (or legal age for the jurisdiction in which you are viewing this material), and this blog is for the sole enjoyment of me and the viewer(s). If you find this material offensive in any way, please understand it is not my intent to do so and you may (and are encouraged) to leave the page and not to return. No one is keeping you here.
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