She likes to suck it.

on tumblr

I'm a grrl. I'm a grad student. I serve drinks. I ride a motorcycle. I smoke dope. I'm queer-positive. I'm a smartass. I'm somewhere between tomboy and femme, love to travel, and make a deadly dirty martini. Ever since my first time doing it in a cabin in the British Columbia woods, I love to suck cock. I'll type that again: I love to suck cock. Slurp on dick. Bob my lips on one. Blow. Give head. Fellate. Have penis in my mouth. My friends have no idea just how much I like it. I like it... a lot. And I'm wet just typing that here. And I like porn. In my porn, I like watching other women suck dick too. Nice, thick, handsome, juicy dick. And this is my tumblog devoted to my secret. (Usual disclaimer blah blah non-ownership blah blah will delete if requested blah blah no infringements intended blah fucking blah.)
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