Tied, Teased and Denied

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This site is NSFW, BDSM related and intended adults 18+

I am a german male sub and I am owned by a wonderful and perfect Mistress, She is my Queen, She is Queen Lucia. Serving Her became the most pleasure I can think of. Her pleasure and happiness is my reward. She became a very important part of it and She changed my life. I am Hers!

She taught me the beauty of female supremacy and superiority. I believe in it and I believe that world led by women would be a better world for all of us!

Here I repost things I love to share with Her, things I like, I already did, I'd like to do or I simply like at the moment I see them.
In case I have posted a picture you own and you don't like to see it here, just tell me and I remove it from this blog.

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