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Purveyor of "art", and pithy comments. All original content, updated daily.
NSFW, 18+ only, blah blah yada yada.

These are my GIFs, which depict consenting adults in scenes of a dominant / submissive nature, in the name of fantasy. The content does not necessarily represent my views, my opinion of all women, or my philosophy. If it inspires intolerance, hate or misogyny in you, seek help and/or eat a bag of dicks. I'm an egalitarian. Please read the FAQ for more details.

Credit given when known, guessed, or supplied. If you own, or are the subject of, a post which you want it removed, or edited/corrected to link to your site, just ask.
No personal offence is meant by any caption. Submissions & Asks stay private, unless they're anonymous.

Almost `790 original posts at the last count...
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