proud of my tits

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This is an NSFW page 18+ to view please (legal bullshit). Just a place for the beautiful women of the world of all ages, shapes, and sizes to show how proud they are of their tits. Also a bunch of reblogs of women who are obviously proud of their tits. Hope you all enjoy. and ladies if you would like to show us how proud you are of your tits. Submit your pic to proudofmytits@gmail.com or on KIK username: proudofmytits or on snapchat username: proudofmytits guys submit pics of your ex’s, gf’s, wives, or friends and show how proud you are of their tits....and if you really like the page feel free to make a small donation to the poor admin to help him upgrade discaimer and tos: by submitting pics, vids, or other media to proud of my tit you agree that all parties in said media are of legal age 18 and older and you acknowledge and swear that you have the permission of said parties to submit said media you also agree that submitted media is the property of proud of my tits and give permission to proud of my tits to edit or otherwise alter said media and to publically post said media to whatever medium whether physical or digital that proud of my tits deems fit and acknowledge that though proud of my tits is all about respect and generally will comply with taking down said media from any medium it was posted to proud of my tits is under no obligation to do so and is at will to determine if said media will remain or be removed at the discretion and time of proud of my tits choosing
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