Prostate Milking and Massage

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NSFW!!! And if you are not old enough(18+) to be on an adult blog, to see or read adult related materials, then you must leave. If you refuse to go, or follow me, I'll call your parents and tell them what you do in your room with your computer! This blog is about all things prostate! Fingering, massage, milking, dildo's, toys, diagrams, vids... you name it, it will be here! And for the 51% of you who have one.... lucky you! Play with yours or have your lover play with it and you might be happier, healthier and live longer. For the rest of you, you have your g-spot, which I am told it is the same thing, so join in and play with yours as well! Send me pics or whatever, and ask me anything... I answer EVERY question!
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