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Not Safe For Work, Not For Minors. This blog focuses on what I like - preferably real amateurs, preferably mature women, preferably with multiple partners. I like women, and get turned on by liking women, so nothing demeaning or degrading toward women. Not into cuckold humiliation, but very into the fantasy of helping a best friend who happens to be a spouse get to new heights of sexual pleasure. I find rich in erotic tension the idea of watching a friend or stranger slide a hard hungry cock into a well loved wife, whether I imagine myself the husband or the helper. I hope you enjoy these fantasies. Submissions, within guidelines, welcome from both sexes. No photos of people who don’t welcome being seen on the internet, please, and no ‘slut shaming’ or hostile ex girlfriend revealing. If you see a photo here that you own and have not authorized to have posted or that causes you any distress because it is here, please just notify us (with the link) and it will be taken down the next time we log on.
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