Naked Male Bonding

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A blog about Masculine Intimacy, Closeness, Friendship, & Other Mysteries. I created this blog to examine the concept of masculine intimacy and closeness in male/male friendships, primarily through exploring visual imagery of the various forms of intimacy between men. Masculine intimacy is manifested in many diverse and unique ways, but three primary themes typically influence how it is developed: (1) a side-by-side orientation; (2) a focus on activity and doing tasks together, & (3) homophobia--usually understood as a fear that others will think you are gay. Taken together, these three principles of masculine intimacy offer much insight into how all men (gay, bi, straight) create and maintain intimacy in their friendships with other men. And remember, intimacy isn't about sex or sexual activity, rather it is about psychological/emotional closeness, i.e., that deep feeling of connection, understanding, and cohesion found between two people. My goal here is to explore all the various types and forms of masculine intimacy found in the friendships of men. I welcome your questions, thoughts, and feeback.
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