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I am a feminized, sissified, pantydoll, pussygurl who loves to serve, worship and obey Dominant Men and Women, especially Black Men and Women. I was born with Klinefelter Syndrome (Google It for more Info) which means that I am genetically half male and half female. However, my feminine characteristics make it impossible for me to function as a male. I have wide "Breeding Hips", a well-rounded, soft, plush feminine ass, puffy sensitive titties and I have a teeny, tiny, soft, limp, useless little clittie. Although it may look like a miniature version of a Real Man's Cock....IT IS NOT !!!.....It functions and looks more like a girl's clitoris. When Real Men are fucking me, they like to reach down to rub it up and down and back and forth to bring me to both an Anal and Clitoral Orgasm.. This blog will cover some of my favorite topics including the evolution of America to a "NEW ORDER" where our Culture, Social Structure and Legal System will support, condone and legalize Black Superiority over sissy white bois, including the creation of "Sissy Training Academies" and the "marriage" of sissy white bois to Black Men, Black Femme Dominatrixes and/or Black Couples, similar to the status of the "fafafini" in Samoa (Google it) who constitute a feminine Third Gender that is institutionalized in the Samoan family structure.. In the "NEW ORDER", nudity for chastised sissy white bois on public beaches, in public parks and other public places will be legalized and Black Dom Daddies will be legally able to sexually use little femme white bois in public and subject them to small penis humiliation through public "Exposure", "Inspection" and/or "Examination" designed to emasculate, humiliate and degrade them. Moreover, it will become quite common for sissy white bois to entertain, amuse and perform at neighborhood social events such as Block Party Barbecues, Super Bowl Parties and Bachelor Parties where they will dance, prance and mince around in sexually erotic lingerie until all of the Black Males are so sexually aroused that they will begin Gang-Fucking them right in front of all of the other guests. Moreover, Young Black Boyz will be encouraged to lose their virginity with sissy white boi fafafinis as a method of producing a decline in teen pregnancies.
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