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IF YOU TAKE THE TIME TO READ THIS IT'LL HELP YOU USE AND UNDERSTAND THIS SITE BETTER. __________ If you’re not at least 18 years old --- or if images of nude men engaged in adult sexual activity offend you --- please leave this site immediately. You should also know that this is definitely a NSFW site --- unless your workplace is a highly unusual one. __________ INSATIABLE = impossible to satisfy SATYR = a male with excessive sexual craving An “INSATIABLE SATYR” is an extremely horny man who can never get enough cock ‘n cum --- that’s me. My greatest OBSESSION is MALE ORAL SEX where a mouth --- not a hand --- is what makes the cock erupt with cum. I love to suck and to be sucked. A day without at least one devastating, messy, drenching, explosive, cum-everywhere blowjob is like a day without sunshine. I freely confess to being a rampant SUCKAHOLIC and a dedicated CUMAHOLIC. I revel in the glories of these conditions and have no desire to be cured --- I'm grateful that I "suffer" from them. I actively support SAMFIA --- the Society for the Advancement of Male Fellatio and Irrumatio Arts --- and hope that you will as well. I'm always "up" for the "torture" of being restrained in some manner (ropes, handcuffs, chains, shackles, etc.) and then having my dick sucked. You will find, too, that I do have a "dark side" that's turned on by/with bondage, torture, pain, punishment, humiliation, the use of force, etc. At times I see myself as the victim, and at other moments I want to be the one in charge, actively delivering the torment. I add pictures to this site impulsively and can't always remember if I already posted a picture --- so some pictures may appear more than once. Pictures that are special favorites --- in other words, ones that get my dick really hard --- may end up appearing multiple times. Sorry about that. And keep in mind that when a picture isn't new to either you or me, someone else may still be seeing it for the first time. There are a lot of erotic images here now. Use the ARCHIVE feature as a way to go through past postings more quickly to find stimulating sights to get you hard and stroking. In May of 2014 I started using TAGS for pictures to facilitate access to collections of images with a common theme. I wish I had done this from the beginning --- I’m sorry now that I didn’t. The tag labeled "blowjobs" is the most frequently used one. That's as it should be since cocksucking is my "raison d'être" --- it provides the most supreme level of ecstasy I’m capable of experiencing. What you’ll find here are pictures that stimulate me (I hope they'll arouse you, too) --- blowjobs and face fucks / cum / hung men / hot torsos / bulges / kink (bondage, punishment) / sexy studs in their prime (both "real men" and stars of gay male porn). Other things that interest others are for other sites. If there’s something here that shouldn't be let me know so it can be removed. I hope you find the images DH and CI (dick-hardening and cum-inducing) --- and that some of them get you so worked UP that you have to whip it out and jack off. Comments are always welcome. And I get off knowing guys are out there on tumblr getting hard and giving themselves handjobs and cumming to/from pictures I’ve posted, so if you are, let me know! Enjoy. Peter D. Rodman pdrodman@gmail.com P.S. I'd like to get rid of the "Pages" section directly beneath this writing. I go to Customize but then can't figure out what to do. HELP!
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