I Love Her Cock

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I'm a straight male that has always had a thing for a nice cock, although I could never imagine myself being intimate with a man. When I learned about SheMales, Chicks with Dicks, which ever terminology you prefer to use, I fell in love with them. I have never had the pleasure, yet. I'm hoping to one day find someone that I can have an experience with, maybe this blog can be somewhat of a gateway for me to meet someone, one never knows :) I'm going to be posting my favorite images that I've found around the internet, and I hope that others out there who share similar feelings as myself can join in. I would also love to hear from you and possibly see your own personal photos, if you're happy to share with me and maybe my potential followers. I have an email address setup just for this purpose, or you can use the Submit buttom at the top of this page :) ilovehercock@gmail.com
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