Hobart Glory Hole Hunter

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Anonymous random sex in public toilets or public places gets me extremely hard and horny... there is something arousing about catching a glimpse from another man's eye as you walk up to the urinal... or that moment when you catch a shadow moving back and forth rapidly under the cubicle wall beside you... or walking up to that stranger as he sits alone in his car.... I wish there were more places to meet hot guys, especially more places with Glory Holes in Hobart, Tamania, AUSTRALIA. I hope you enjoy my blog. I'll try to post every day so be sure to check back often... and tell everyone you know to follow me. If you want to see your pic here, I totally welcome submissions! Obviously this BLOG contains material suited only for those 18 years of age and older! Content posted here came from the internet and the subjects of said pictures are assumed to be 18+ (or the age of consent in your locale) and may be owned by someone other than myself.
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