High Heel Slides & nothing but Mules

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Sexual Aberration: Podophilia and Altocalciphilia. More specific:
High heeled: mules, slides, candies, sandals, slippers, thongs. These fuckin' shoes...

Random slide (good for hours of fun)

Wood, cork, braided rope (rotan), lucite (clear), leather, lace.
Wedge, thongs, platform, novelty, studded, pom pon.

Celebrities in high heel mules.
Vintage mules.
Close-ups of feet in high heel slides.
Fornication while wearing slides or mules.
Stockings and other leg-wear in slides.
GIFs and videos featuring mules.

Disclaimer: Most likely NSFW due to the girls wearing the shoes. Completely non-commercial. Image sources always mentioned (if known). All material © by their respective copyright holders and assumed to be promotional material for said source. If I missed a source or credit let me know and I'll fix it.

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