Erotic Art Rainbow

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The goal of this Tumblr is to create a place for art that celebrates the beauty of all genders, orientations, preferences and identifications. There may even be the odd bit of humor and/or social commentary from time to time.

Stylistically, the emphasis will be more towards depictions in a realistic and semi-realistic mode. The images may be new or old, paintings, drawings and even CGI/3D renders but for the most part, not photographs or videos. There will be little that could be considered cartoonish, silly or absurdist. None of that is a hard/fast rule though.

Thematically, you may expect to see depictions of males, females and trans/intergender figures nude or clothed. Some of the images will be explicit while others will be more subdued. In the former category all manners of kink and/or sexual orientations may be included.

Submissions are always welcome but please keep in mind that depictions of nude females are extremely pervasive online and there is already an abundant backlog of those to be posted here in coming months.

Submissions that will be most welcome are attractive artistic depictions including transgender persons and/or depictions of Male/Male/Female bisexuality, both of which seem to be fairly rare in terms of art (as opposed to photos/videos). The types of submissions that will by far be the most welcome are original works of erotic art submitted by the artist(s) who created them.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome too. Just hit the "Ask us anything" or "Submit" buttons below anytime!

So whether you have (or like) tits or a cock or tits and a cock, enjoy!

Please note that when replying to us with information, comments or questions about any post it will not do any good unless you give the reference number for that post so we know which one you are talking about.

The way to identify the post is to right click on the photo to open it up in a separate window. The post number will be in the URL bar. If that does not work for you, here's another way: Click the “Archive” link on our home page. There you’ll see a bunch of thumbnails for all the posts on any given month. Scroll down until you find the one you’re referring to and click on it. That will open it up to the full size view. Then look at the URL bar on your browser. Within that URL you’ll see an 8 to 10 digit number (such as 107638937882 for example). Copy and paste that number into the reply you send to us and that is how we can identify the post you have in mind.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

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