Cheating Captions

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Of course I'm not cheating on you.

You always make such a big deal about things. It is kinda funny how wound up you get. I can't help laughing at you.

I dont' care if you think I'm being really bitchy and mean. I like being bitchy to you.

You know you'd never leave me. You can't do better than me.

It wouldn't be a big deal anyway. Even if it was with your friends.


...What you don't know won't hurt you. What you imagine will turn you on...

This is not a cuckold blog. This is a cheating blog, making fantasy cheating captions for your entertainment and pleasure.

What this is not about: Emasculation, humiliation, penis envy, BBC, extreme interracial, chastity, bulls, bisexuality, 'cleaning up', only hotwives etc.

What this is about: Youthful, slutty, promiscuous, insatiable, cock-loving, behind-the-back, friend-fucking, fooling around, lying, bitchy, mean, nasty, cheeky, giggling, sexy, lustful, immoral, arrogant, naughty, transgressive, empowering, degrading, rebellious, caught in the act, funny, fun-loving, exciting, careless, carefree... cheating!

How do you feel about catching her being gangbanged by your friends? What if she's been doing it this whole time behind your back? Are you sure it's not only you who isn't allowed to fuck her ass?

You know when she told you she was really wet as you fucked her and it felt amazing? What if that was your friends' cum leaking out of her? She was probably full to the brim...

This is Cheating Caps. Tumblr's very own Architect of Infidelity.
Bringing the pure cheating fetish - not the cuckold fetish and its hangups - into the limelight of your imaginations.
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