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NSFW! I started this blog but my girlfriend Liz has taken it over, she doesn't let me anywhere near it anymore, except to write this intro. We're two bisexual college students who live high above the streets of New York City and we get paid for taking our clothes off and having sex in front of people. Liz is 20, and has a pink toothbrush, and she's the prettiest little dark haired pixie you'll ever see. She likes to drink coffee and smoke cigarettes, and I catch her masturbating almost daily. I'm 22, and my toothbrush is purple, and I'm taller and more sensible. I'm a punk chick at heart but I like to listen to Led Zeppelin when I fuck. NSFW! Lots of dirty pictures of all the things that get us off. So if you're not old enough, go away! But if you're JUST old enough, send us pictures! All of these pictures come from the internet or our cell phones, and we don't claim ownership of hardly any of them; we just blog what we like. We hope we get you off, with what gets us off - or really what gets Liz off. Enjoy!
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