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WARNING ADULT CONTENT!!! YOU MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF 21 TO VIEW!!! This space is set aside for any pictures we had to post that just don't fit anywhere else. Be sure to check out other blogs This blog contains images intended to be viewed by adults only. If you are under the age of 21 you MUST leave immediately. By continuing to access the page you are affirming the fact you are over the age of 21 or whatever appropriate age is in your country. If you are over the age of 21 you are free to view and reblog these images at will.  All photos on this blog where found on the web and therefore considered to be public domain. Every effort is made not to to blog anything that is stolen, copyrighted material, otherwise intellectual property of others. Should you see a photo that belongs to you or has a copyright or you just want it removed please contact us and we will remove the image as quickly as possible. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS!!! TOO MANY PEOPLE WERE SUBMITTING PICTURES THEY DID NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO POST RISKING TUMBLR SHUTTING US DOWN.
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