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This is both a photo history of my wife’s wonderful sexuality, and the things that we find sexy and exciting. The both of us credit swinging and Hotwifing with helping create and improve on an already exciting and fulfilling sex life. We have sex like 21 year olds and not the 50 year olds we are! I love watching her with other men and she loves that idea as long as the other men can be handsome Black men! Why as a loving husband do I like this? I have given up trying to figure it out and just go with it. Once you move beyond insecurity and jealousy and strive for your partner to experience all the pleasure they are capable of, can true sexual bliss be achieved. Feel free to enjoy, reblog and post any questions or comments. She really enjoys seeing comments, hearing about what you would like to do to her or even requests for what you want to see her do. NSFW!!. DO NOT FOLLOW OR VIEW THIS BLOG IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 YEARS OLD!!
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