Beautiful Labia

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This blog contains adult content. If you are not 18+ please leave. My addiction to ladies with beautiful, larger or simply just exciting labia minora led me to the creation of this little blog. To experience and share the wonder. And maybe even teach, as I see a lot of confusion in todays youth (and not just them) on the labia minora topic. Labias are beatiful the way they are (for me the larger ones are more desirable, but this should only give you an indication of to my taste). Submissions are more than welcome, send them to beautifulllabia@outlook.com (yes 3 l's). Submit one-two-three photo's of your wonderful lips, show the world your sweeties and share your thoughts about them, ask questions, and be the proof that large lips are not something to worry about. You'll be completely anonymous and discretion and respect is my motto. Let everyone see that large lips are wonderful.
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