Awesome Full Frontal

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I am continuously awed by the beauty and the sexuality of the female form.

This blog is dedicated to beautiful, healthy, sexy women of any age.

Since this is a ‘Full Frontal’ blog, meaning ‘full frontal nudity’, the women in the pictures must be nude.

Her face must be visible, along with both of her nipples, her belly button and her pussy.

She must be either standing, leaning, kneeling, walking, running or playing. No sitting or lying around.

No sex, there are other blogs for that.

Disclaimer: You must be this tall to enjoy this ride. If not, your balls will explode.

I “found” these pictures. Yeah that’s right, you heard me: I FOUND them.

If you think any of these pictures are yours and want them removed from this blog, please submit proof of ownership and, for a small administration fee, the pictures in question will be removed from this blog within 4 to 6 weeks.

Please drink responsibility

Beware – here there be naked women

These pictures can be viewed by anybody at any time. It is up to YOU to determine if the time is right.

If you have any question, comments or suggestions send them to me.

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