Altered Asses

on tumblr

There are some sex acts you never really recover from... While the asshole is amazingly resilient, you can't take two cocks up your butt whenever you feel like it without ending up with a winking butt-slit. You can usually tell when a hole hasn't been used, much, but they're not welcome on this blog. :) I simply love the idea that some women, for the the sake of a man, for their own enjoyment, for money, or whatever the reason, have let their anus be transformed from a tight efficient sphincter into a hole for sex. Most people get excited about tight holes. I prefer the idea of a loose, ready, comfortable, broken-in, asshole. You know, the kind that looks tight when they're clenching but swallows two fingers without resistance, winks on command, or never seems to hold a tight seal when they spread their cheeks? Here's to buttholes turned into fuckholes, here's to altered asses!
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