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I have just learned the joy of being nude after a long lifetime of being trapped inside my clothes. It frees the body and soul. I love the beauty of the human body. This is my blog about my journey into the world of freedom, the world of 365Nude days a year. I try to post photos that are totally pure true natural clothesfree, textilefree and celebrate the beauty of the human body. I do not intend to post sexual content, the web is full of that. This Blog is however, NSFW, so if you don't like what is posted here please move on. Once in a while I will post a photo of mine naked in a natural setting. Please feel free to submit any photos that show the beauty of the human body. All photos posted are assumed to be general public. If you know otherwise and would like a post remove please ask and I will do. I am so excited to meet new friends who share the love of human body.
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